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Lessons learned about wedding photography competitions

I recently had the honour of judging a wedding photography competition, namely the Fall 2015 edition of the ISPWP contest. The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) is one of the most reputable wedding photography organizations with members from around the world and a wide range of talent and vision. The organisation curates four editions of the photography competition each year (spring, summer, fall and winter). Images are judged in 20 different categories (getting ready, ceremony, reception, first dance, humor, the decisive moment etc.), with 20 winners selected in each category. I was part of a panel of four judges who independently and annonymously judged the images submitted by photographers all over the world – we judged the images independently, with the final result being compiled into what you see on the website. This is my experience.

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2015, final thoughts

Looking back at 2014 – the very wordy version

Being organised doesn’t come easily to me – I like to see my hard drives structured, or my workspace relatively uncluttered, less so actually doing the organising. Left up to my own devices, a shopping list would probably be the most organised thing I’d want to explore. Fortunately, I don’t have that choice. A wedding photographer is expected (and reasonably so) to be able to manage a number of projects at the same time, have a workflow that allows them to consistently deliver images within a deadline (different photographers have different deadlines), have image back-up measures in place, be able to identify relevant images across multiple weddings (for albums, prints, slideshows, blog posts, other vendors etc.) and be able to retrieve the wedding images two, three, five years later when the inevitable call from the bride or groom comes: “umm…I’ve lost the images, do you happen to have another copy?”

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