Adventure wedding in Ribera del Duero, Spain

Do you know that intense and exhilarating feeling that the whole world is at your feet? It’s a feeling that many don’t get to experience often as “responsible” adults, but for me, this was the overwhelming feeling when I photographed this amazing wedding in Spain.

Granted, part of it had to do with how the wedding started – with the bride, the groom and their guests skydiving from 4000 meters on the day before the wedding. When you’re that high up in the air, airplane door open and about to plunge towards the ground, the feeling is quite literal (and you know you’re in for a good weekend).

The bigger part of it, however, had to do with the magic unfolding in front of my camera – I got to witness two incredible people passionately in love, surrounded by fun friends and warm and loving families in an absolutely beautiful location in Spain. Delphine and Amadeo are incredibly lucky to have such loving friends and families joining them from all over the world and the amazing thing is – they know it.

They were always sweet and tender to each other and gracious and warm with all their friends and families. They were humble and open and they trusted me as part of the family. They were emotional and not afraid to reveal those emotions. They wanted to be there, in the moment, for every second of their wedding and they put their faith in me to capture something different. Family formals to a minimal, done quickly and efficiently, a few minutes of photos with just the two of them and other than that, moment hunting and vibe collecting.

I’m hugely appreciative of their trust in me. I know it takes a great deal of self-confidence and inner peace to allow someone with a camera so close to you when you are so emotional and vulnerable. I know this is rare and precious, and I’m grateful to have witnessed it.

Second shooters: Horia Calaceanu and Cristina Moldovan

Amazing venue: Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine

Planner and designer: Toni Segui 

Videographer: Older Garcia

Jewelery: 64 Facets

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