Alina + Bogdan | Caransebes, Romania

As someone born in Banat, I am pretty embarrassed to admit I had never been to Caransebes before. Fortunately, I met Alina and Bogdan and this is how I eventually arrived in the region where people are proud to be descendants of the ancient Dacians.

The day of their wedding started with a game of FIFA, as Bogdan wanted to unwind before the dreaded photo shoot. We then drove to an incredible place just outside of Caransebes, a Dacian inspired burdei – a type of vernacular dwelling very popular 2000 years ago – passionately build by a local man. Everything was so nice and natural that we didn’t realize when time flew and were almost late for the church service. Even Bogdan had to admit it wasn’t as painful as he expected. :)

Later in the evening I was talking to Alina about food waste, and she impressed me once again. I was delighted to see that the traditional hen soup, roasted meat and sarmale were brought to the table on large tureens and platters, so that leftovers could easily be saved and donated, where possible.

I really enjoyed getting to know Alina and Bogdan a little and I left with the feeling that they enjoyed my presence too. Thank you and congratulations to you!

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