Mada + Gabi | Clinceni, Romania

I must admit I have mixed feelings about late-starting weddings. On one hand, because Romanian weddings tend to go on until early in the morning (5-6am is not uncommon), a late start makes the wedding day less brutal for the couple and admittedly for myself. Hot summer day weddings can be particularly hard (weddings are a marathon, not a sprint). On the other hand, even after more than 5 years, I still get some butterflies on the wedding day. I find myself pacing around the house, high on adrenaline and uncertainty, just waiting for the day to start – I feel that I’m wasting time if I’m not out there making images on the wedding day.

Well, Mada and Gabi had a late starting day and I was more than fine with it. Mada has that kind of bubbly, friendly personality that brightens up rooms – I hadn’t had a single conversation with her where she wasn’t laughing or in very good spirits. On top of that, I had already shot their civil registration and we got along great, so there was absolutely no need to worry. 

Late start because there was no point in running around aimlessly when the could just chill – nice! Focus on candid moments and hated faked pose-y shots – cool! The wedding as a party with friends and family and shunned any of the “customs” of the wedding day – no complaints there! They had an outdoors wedding by the pool and a rock band at the wedding – even more awesome!

The whole day went by so effortlessly and enjoyably that we found ourselves saying our goodbyes at about 5.00am, still somewhat fresh and excited about a very laid back party.

Mada, Gabi, thank you for trusting me!

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