Ruxandra + Vlad | Bucharest, Romania

Most of the time, being a wedding photographer is a job like any other – you show up, you do the work, you spend an often inappropriately large amount of time culling and editing images, you pay your taxes and you plan your vacations around the wedding season.

Every now and then, however, magical things happen. Sometimes you’re amazed that virtual strangers are open enough to invite you to document an important, happy, stressful, intense day in their lives and they trust you enough to let you close when they’re at their most vulnerable. And after you’ve photographed enough strangers, some of them become more than that. You begin to know their families, to see them more often at gathering and events, to know them a bit better. You begin to feel you’re part of their lives in a way.

Ruxandra is one of those strangers-becoming-more. I had photographed her family and friends in the past and I was very happy when she asked me to be a part of her and Vlad’s wedding. I knew her family was close and that I would get to witness an emotional day – I just didn’t expect everything to go so well. It was a high-energy day with seemingly never a dull moment and Ruxandra seemed to live every moment like it was a dream come true. She laughed, she cried, she danced, we even took some time for ourselves for a brief photo shoot. And from an emotional first look to the end of the party, their friends were there for them, supportive and warm and wild.

Ruxandra, Vlad, I’m sure we’ll meet again soon enough! :)


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