Maria + Andreea + Razvan | The Wedding House, Romania

I don’t usually photograph more than one event a weekend, because Romanian weddings tend to go on for a day and a night and after so many hours, I know there’s just no way I can keep up a consistently high level of shooting. It wouldn’t be fair for the second couple to work with an exhausted, barely-functioning photographer who had little-to-no sleep in the last 24 hours. 

And as much as I prize my rules (and my sleep), things don’t always go as planned. That particular weekend, I was scheduled to shoot an impromptu baptism on Friday, a wedding on Saturday and a civil ceremony on Monday. I was REALLY looking forward to spending the whole Sunday sleeping. And yet…

That Sunday, Andreea and Răzvan organised their daughter’s baptism at The Wedding House  and decided to take advantage of this gorgeous place to throw a little wedding party for themselves. It was a quiet and relaxed affair and they were surrounded by a small number of people who were truly important to them. They had cocktails, an outdoors party and bare feet in the summer grass. And they also had a somewhat tired, but very willing photographer, for you see, this was an offer I couldn’t refuse. An elderly uncle actually asked why the photographer is taking so many liberties with the couple and his reaction when he found out that I was also the godfather’s godfather made me feel like a total badass.  

My darlings, lots of love and kisses and give Maria all my best!

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