Ozana + Cristi | Snagov, Romania

How would you feel if a couple of wedding photographers asked you to photograph their own wedding? Would you be excited? Anxious? Would you jump head first at the opportunity because people who have been to dozens of weddings surely know how to organise a great one, or would you be stressed, thinking that your every image will be under close scrutiny by trained eyes? And what would they be like? Would they be like any other couple, stomach butterflies and jitters, only realising the next day that their wedding came and went in the blink of an eye? Or would they be laid back and stress free because they’ve seen it all so many times before?  When they receive their images, will they be critical? Emotional? Would they appreciate them less because of their imperfections, or more, because they’re insiders and they understand all the work involved? 

Me, I was nervous about photographing Ozana and Cristi‘s wedding at Casa Vlasia. And, it turns out, they were nervous too. On their wedding day, they weren’t wedding photographers, they were bride and groom. They were surrounded by family and loved ones and, above all, they were unapologetically IN love. Smiles, hand-holding, tears were abundant. They had been to enough weddings to understand what works and it showed in the way they organised their own wedding. Cristi started the day pool-side, Ozana got ready with the girls. They had a late afternoon outdoors ceremony. The music was phenomenal and they owned the dance floor. 

Above all, the thing I’m most grateful for is their unconditional trust. We met a few times before the wedding (including at the Fearless Conference in Budapest). They told me that, as photographers, they’re in awe of stunning images, clever angles and subtle compositions but, as a couple, they wanted to look back on their wedding day and relive moments and emotions. That was their only request. 

When I got their feedback on the images, it was emotional. For them, as well as myself. Seeing yourself in the images trumps anything else and their reaction was one of the most heartfelt I’ve ever received. It turns out wedding photographers are people too. In this case, very cool people.

Ozana, Cristi, congratulations and thank you for everything! Looking forward to seeing you at the next Fearless Conference and as often as possible!  

Vlad and Cristina, you gave us fabulous memories, incredible moments spent with our loved ones, images that we will see many times throughout our lives. We are grateful for that! I love your way of capturing people’s emotions on their wedding day, there is candour in the photos of emotional moments and nerve in the party photos, and they are captured every time in the decisive moment. Respect!

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