Corina + Mircea | Sinaia, Romania

Nunta Casino Sinaia

Destination weddings are hard to pull off. They take more time to organise, they require logistical planning that you don’t normally find with typical weddings (group transportation, catering, guest hotel rooms, etc.), they’re more expensive and you’re asking your guests to give up multiple days to join you. When done right, though, they’re amazing. The guests WANT to be there. They WANT to have a good time with you and a wedding week-end away from home feels like a holiday. When all of this happens in the historical building of the Sinaia Casino, it’s even more impressive. 

Not only did Corina and Mircea pull it off, but they managed to do it with effortless elegance and class. They got married in one of the most beautiful churches I’ve seen, they had one of the wildest parties in the Sinaia Casino and they topped it all off with a laid back backyard brunch on Sunday.

They worked hard to organise the wedding, still going over details and rehearsing the first dance the night before, but on the wedding day they were relaxed and happy, they laughed, they cried and they rocked the dance floor until the early hours of the morning.

One of the most surprising moments for me was during the religious ceremony. At some point I feel a tap on the shoulder and from the most unlikely of places, an invitation: „come over here in my place if you think it’s a better angle.” It was one of the priests, who told me that he respects what photographers do and, when the grandchildren see the images one day, they should have the best images possible of their grandparents.

Corina, Mircea, thank you for trusting us to be there and I hope your grandchildren will enjoy the photos!

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