Livia + AJ | Cernica, Romania

I like the cover photo for this blog post a lot because it provokes an immediate reaction. There is no uncertainty about what’s going to happen next and that will cause you to laugh or cringe, depending on your own level of schadenfreude. I like this photo a lot and I wish I had taken it. Sadly, I did not.

In fact, none of the images you will see below from Livia and AJ’s wedding at Phoenix Cernica were taken by me. You see, a few weeks before their wedding, I managed to break my leg. A bit like the guest in the photo, but with more permanent consequences and no cameras around. It’s a hard conversation to have, telling a bride that you will be unable to be there for her wedding; fortunately Livia was very sympathetic and we worked to find suitable replacements.

This was Livia and AJ’s second time getting married – they had already tied the knot once in India and this round of celebrations was an opportunity for Livia’s side of the family to showcase a Romanian wedding to a multicultural gathering. With many scripted traditions planned throughout the day, it was a challenging and dynamic wedding to photograph, but I’m incredibly grateful to Horia Calaceanu and Adi Piclisan for the tremendous work they did (all the images below are theirs). Another big thank you to Livia for her understanding and to Andrada and Ana of The Wedding Styler for their patience and hard work.


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