Lori + Adi | Urlati, Romania

Burgers and comfortable shoes. We discovered that all our favourite weddings have this in common. We’re professionals and we don’t have favourites. But really…we do. And we thought about what all of these great weddings have in common, so we could find more of them, and we pored over our spreadsheets and this is what we discovered – burgers and comfortable shoes.

But that’s a fallacy. Back in Uni, when learning about spuriousness, we had this classical example of old people retiring to Florida, where there are large numbers of pink flamingos, therefore flamingos cause retirees. So, if people wear flip flops to their wedding and eat minced beef, surely it has to be a great wedding? After all, we have a perfect track record for that, don’t we? But that’s not it.

It’s about people who get along, who understand each other and are there for each other, people who know that life and partnership are about more than a walk in the park. It’s them, the people who know that life can sometimes get rough, but they’re willing to share the hardship because a problem shared is a problem halved. And their wedding will be a reflection of that, whether that means burgers or chocolate fountains when chocolate is out of fashion.

“I can’t say it was love at first sight, but slowly we grew closer together – me first and then her, and life has brought us to this point. I strongly believe that this is my biggest accomplishment in life so far, because I found not only a lover and a wife, I found a soul mate with whom I can share everything.”

And we felt it and we love these guys. Burgers, comfortable shoes, tattoos, close friends and a wild party – we can’t tell you how happy we were to share in that and how much we like Lori and Adi. Peace!

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