Cati + Adi | Bucharest, Romania

My most recent weddings were a string of more non-conventional affairs – small parties, late starts to the wedding day or couples who wanted exclusively documentary coverage. By comparison, then, Cati and Adi’s wedding was somewhat more traditional. I knew, going into the wedding day, that the more formal or planned elements were important to them. What I discovered, however, was a couple ready to have fun, a surprisingly animated party and a whole bunch of Boy Scouts (Adi himself is a boy scout) who were there for Cati and Adi on the big day.

Cati and Adi showed me that, regardless of how you choose to organise your wedding, the most important thing is to believe in what you do. Formal or casual, small or large, more party-like or more traditional, as long as you organise your wedding based on what’s important to you and you remember to have fun, awesome things are bound to happen.

Cati, Adi, thank you for your trust and looking forward to seeing you soon!    


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