Otilia + Cristi | Bucharest, Romania

I can’t quite tell whether almost everyone has left Romania and they only come back for holidays or weddings, or whether I’m lucky enough to work expat couples regularly. Otilia and Cristi now live in the UK, but held their wedding at Hotel Caro in Bucharest, closer to friends and family. 

They had previously organised a bigger party for their civil ceremony, and it seemed that the lessons learned there helped them keep their cool on the wedding day. Otilia and Cristi told me stories of all the little things that weren’t quite right with their first party – shoes that wouldn’t fit, menu mix-ups, etc. They noticed that the little things aren’t usually worth sweating. That everyone had a good time and no-one noticed the imperfections. That you can’t get things perfect anyway. And I think all of that helped them on the wedding day. They worked a lot to plan this wedding (and wedding planning is more complicated when you do it remotely) and then, on the big day, they just seemed to let the stress and anxieties melt.

When I joined Otilia for her preparations everything was calm  and quiet – eerily quiet almost. Cristi was none the more stressed. When we got to the party, however, Otilia, Cristi and even their parents took the dancefloor by storm. There was plenty of dancing (trupa Friends took care of that), there were cool moments that Otilia and Cristi planned for their international guests, enjoyable conversations in the garden and, amid all of that, we also managed to sneak out for a few posed photos.  Enjoy!


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