Cristina + Alex | Bucharest, Romania

How do you know someone ran a marathon? They will tell you (usually within the first 5 minutes).  

Yes, Cristina and Alex are runners and no, they didn’t didn’t brag about it because they’re very cool like that. They did tell me that joke though.

I met Alex a few years ago, when I was delivering business English courses and he was working as an in-house trainer for a big company in Bucharest. We’d bump into each other every now and then, talk about photography, make plans to do something together and never follow through. :) We both moved on since then. Alex is now working as a coach for a training consultancy and I’m a full time wedding photographer. I was glad to get a message from him and Cristina asking me to be their wedding photographer and enjoyed being part of their wedding day. They started getting ready at home, they were relaxed and warm to each other and everyone around them and made our time together go by really fast.

Cristina, Alex, thank you for trusting me and I wish you both all the best!  



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