Nona + Mircea | Bucharest, Romania

Every country around the world has its own wedding traditions and Romania is no exception – if anything, our wedding days tend to be laden with ritual and little scripted moments full of symbolism. I’ve seen many couples go through the motions because they felt they had to.  With Nona and Mircea, however, it was very different. They told me ever since the first time we met about their personal relationship with the church, about their godfather who is a priest and about how Nona’s father would be one of the officiants. Throughout the wedding day, I felt the importance of those traditions and it made it me see them in a new light.

I also had the privilege to witness young love, the kind that is fresh and surprising and can still give you butterflies. There were tears and emotions and an unusual intensity to a day that just seemed to fly by. “We’re getting married out of love”, Nona told me “and like every couple, we’re betting for happily ever after”.  I hope you guys get there, one decade at time!



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