Ileana + Alin | Bucharest, Romania

Stop. Worrying. About. Irrelevant. Stuff! It’s now officially been established that a wedding is one of the top ten stressors in life, right up there with losing jobs and family tragedies. It doesn’t have to be like that, really! It might or might not rain on your wedding day. You can’t control that. Things might or might not go exactly as you imagined – but if they DON’T go according to plan, most of the times your guests won’t notice, so don’t panic.

As a wedding photographer I can’t control my couples’ levels of stress (not by much anyway), but I’m always grateful when I meet people like Ileana and Alin – relaxed, warm people who just want to get together and celebrate with friends and loved ones. I’d go as far as saying that their wedding was nothing fancy, but I mean this in the best of ways. It wasn’t fancy because it was honest. Ileana and Alin stayed true to themselves and were a joy to be around all day.

I left the wedding looking forward to seeing them again and, it turns out, that will actually happen tomorrow when I shot their friends’ wedding. :)

Thank you, Ileana, Alin! Enjoy!


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