Irina + Radu | Bucharest, Romania

My favourite story from Irina and Radu’s wedding is that of an understated photo. Groups of people outside the venue, faint clattering of glasses, laughter and chit-chat and mellow jazz notes floating on the hot summer air. And me, crouched behind a tree, a motionless madman with a camera, waiting for something to happen.

Wedding days can be quite frenzied, but I force myself to slow down every now and then, to take a deep breath and mindfully hunt for images. More than the image, I was happy with the process – glad that I took my time and paid attention. And the awesome thing is that the Radu told me it was one of his favourite shots. He is also a creative (he does some amazing 3D renders), so I was very happy to get that kind of feedback.

Irina and Radu’s wedding was a perfect opportunity to try things like that. Small and intimate wedding, simple and as laid back as it gets. As an added bonus, they had Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters for their first dance. :) They got married on the hottest day of the year and the plan was to stay hydrated and basically spend as little time outdoors as possible. The civil registration had already taken place and neither of them wanted a photo shoot or planned photos, so there was no pressure to spend any more time outdoors than absolutely necessary. 

Before the wedding, I got a single instruction from them: “do whatever you want”. After the wedding, “wow, we didn’t even know you were there taking these shots”.  Irina and Radu were some of the most easy-going people I got to work with and I’m immensely grateful for their trust. 

Irina, Radu, thank you for being so cool!

“Vlad calls himself a vibe collector, but when we first met him we thought it was just a cool name. Only when we got our wedding photos we understood that this name suits him wonderfully. Although most of the time you won’t feel his presence, he is there to capture the most beautiful moments, full of emotions and happiness. He does it in such a way, that every time you see the images again you are transported back to that state. The photos become a story that you relive fondly, to the smallest details. Thank you, Vlad, for capturing our wedding so expressively and beautifully!”

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