A + M | Timisoara, Romania

I’m always happy when I get a chance to shoot weddings in Timisoara. It’s where I grew up and because I don’t get a chance to go there as often as I’d like, a wedding in Timisoara is a perfect excuse/opportunity to go “home” (although Bucharest is also “home” nowadays). The rhythm of the city is different – a slower pace, a quieter vibe that I really resonate with. I feel that the baseline for common sense and decency there is much higher than in a big city (whichever that might be). Small gestures of attention to those around you seem to be everywhere. 

That’s the feeling I got about A+M – a kind of decency that I’d almost forgotten after so many years in Bucharest. Attention not to details, but to people, to the needs of those who joined them on the wedding day. And they treated me as kindly and courteously as they did everyone else at their wedding. When you try to please everyone, you run the risk of forgetting about yourself, but it seemed to me that A+M took genuine pleasure in the well-being and happiness of all their guests. 

I liked them a lot, and I also liked the band they chose: Pragu’ de Sus, a very cool folk-rock band. A+M told me it’s a band they really enjoy, they go to their concerts every chance they get, so having them at the wedding was like their own private concert. 

Thank you both for trusting me and I’m looking forward to seeing you again!


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