Top 150 wedding photographers in the world

I just found out that I was named among the top wedding photographers in the world by SLR Lounge!

This was list compiled entirely by SLR Lounge – unlike photo competitions, which require image submissions and are regularly scheduled, it was a survey I didn’t know about, so the recognition from outside the wedding community is absolutely humbling.

The website regularly produces solid-quality content and I have them in my news feed, which is why I’m honoured to be on that list.

Eleven of the top wedding photographers are from Romania. No-one would have thought only a few years ago that, of all the things in the world, Romania would boast such a strong wedding photography community, and that can only be a good thing.

Whatever I did to get there, I hope I’ll be able to do it better in the future as well.

Thank you, SLR Lounge!


New Fearless award, Top 50 Fearless photographers in 2015

Fearless Award Vlad Lodoaba

The latest Fearless results are out and I’m very excited to have an image among the winners. What’s even more amazing for me – with a total of 4 awards, this puts me in the Top 50 Fearless Photographers for 2015. It’s something I wouldn’t even have imagined a few years ago and seeing some other names on the list, some of the most hard-working and talented wedding photographers around the world, makes the distinction even more humbling.

The winning image is from Laura + Tiberiu’s wedding. In Christian Orthodox weddings, the crowning of the bride is an important moment of the ceremony. Because the crown is one-size-fits-all, it always needs adjustments and there is a moment of hesitation: is the crown too tight? Too loose? Will it stay in place?

As much as I’m excited about the award, I also know that the 2016 wedding season is around the corner, so it’s time for me to get back to work :)

The full gallery of winning images is here.


Two Fearless awards this round (a story)

The lastest round of Fearless awards (Round 26, April 2015) was a wonderful surprise, bringing me two Fearless awards. One of the images was also a winner in the Humor category of ISPWP’s most recent competition (I wrote about it here). The other image, of E. and her dad walking towards the chuppah, is actually a photo that is very dear to me, so I was super happy when it received an award.

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An ISPWP award!

Vlad Lodoaba ISPWP contest winner

The latest ISPWP results are out and I’m humbled to find out one of my images placed among the winners!

What makes the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers different from other organisations are the strict requirements to be accepted as a member (minimum number of weddings shot and portfolio review by our peers). It’s even more exciting, then, to be part of the few winners for this edition of the photo contest.

I shot the winning image during Irina and Ovidiu‘s wedding, running into these old gentleman was a happy accident. The main challenge here was to shoot with a suitable aperture to get both my couple and the bench in sharp enough focus. Unfortunately, this also meant that the background was sharper than I would have preferred and a bit distracting. I decided to post-process this image in black and white to minimise distracting elements.

Full galleries here:

My first FEARLESS award!

I was very surprised and absolutely humbled to find that one of my images has one a Fearless award in their most recent competition. Fearless Photographers is one of the best organisations for professional wedding photographers in the world and the award-winning images that fellow photographers deliver is truly phenomenal.

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