Lauren + Scott | New York, US

-16C. That’s 3.2F, freezing cold regardless of whether or not you believe metric to be the best measurement system. Not a good way to start my visit to the US and not a good sign for Lauren and Scott’s wedding. Fortunately it got a bit warmer on their wedding day, but it was still cold enough to make braving the brutal New York winter an act of folly (for most people at least – Scott, as an honorary Vermonter was perfectly happy sporting a T-shirt). 

Well, long outdoors photo shoots in New York were out of the question then. No matter – it was perfectly nice and warm at the Black Barn, where the ceremony and reception took place. And besides, Lauren and Scott are not the long photoshoot type of people anyway. 

They both wanted a casual, laid back wedding. Lauren started her day with a pilates class – awesome, right? They chose the venue for the amazing food (yes, it was), a hotel nearby to minimise the hassle of transport and they had Scott’s brother and Lauren’s sister officiate the ceremony. Their grandmothers, who had known each others for a lifetime, read the blessings, and then the party was on. 

I’d gotten used to photographing weddings that last until 4-5am, so a “normal” New York wedding (is there such a thing?) that finishes at humane hours was a great change. It doesn’t mean less partying, it just means more partying done quicker. And everything was so much easier thanks to the warmness that I received from Lauren, from Scott and from Scott’s family. It more than made up for the Siberian weather.

Lauren, Scott, thank you for trusting me to be there! It was an absolute delight, would definitely do it again! 


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